Step 1: Start off by making sure your the surface you are applying the decal to is clean, flat and free of dust and anything else that might keep the decal from adhering well. I recommend rubbing alcohol and a fabric cloth to dry.

Step 2: Use a credit card or squeegee to burnish the lettering from the front side aka above the clear transfer tape. Rub it back and forth gently and at various angles.

Step 3: Peel away the paper backing from the decal, taking care to pull away from the sheet slowly so as not to tear the lettering.

Step 4: Flip over the decal and place it sticky side down onto your surface, positioning it exactly where you want it.

Step 5: Rub over the decal with your squeegee or credit card to smooth it onto the surface.

Step 6: Wait a minute or so for it to set, and then slowly and carefully peel the backing off each lettering to reveal it on your surface. If a letter doesn't come away from the transfer tape, simply push it back down and burnish it carefully from above the transfer tape.

And if you ever tire of your decal, simply peel it up with fine tweezers or carefully with a blade. Heating it first with a hair dryer will also help loosen it from the surface. 

VOILA! Your decal is transferred and looking *so cute!*

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at!